Rules of the game

Following an overview of the rules of the game and the manner in which the score is calculated.

Before the World Championship starts the country predictions have to be filled in. These cannot be filled in or changed after the start of the championship.

The number of cards have to be filled in as well before the start of the World Championship. These can also not be filled in or changed after the start of the championship.

Entering the results of a match can be done up to 10 minutes before the start of the match. The score after the duration of the match, including elongations and excluding possible penalty rounds counts as the end result for a played match.

The maximum number of goals you can register is 10. For example, if you register a score like 10-0 and the real score is 11-0, 10-0 will also be considered correct.

The total score of a team will be calculated by the total of every individual team member divided by the number of team members. In the case a team member does not register his or her predictions, this team member will have no points. Which has consequences for the team total score.

In the case of equal scores the position in the classification will be shared.


When the finalists are known and the bonus points are added to the classification it will be possible to add the scores for the finals.


The score is calculated by the total of the following points:

Points for every match
Points for predicting the finalists
Points for the winner

The score for a match is calculated as follows:

Correct winner (also with a tie) 5 punten
Exact results 10 punten
Score HOME correct 2 punten
Score GUEST correct 2 punten


Match Score Prediction Points
Netherlands - Italy 2 - 1 2 - 1 15 punten
1 - 1 2 punten
1 - 0 5 punten
0 - 3 0 punten


Following the bonus points for the quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals and the prediction of the winner:

Final Bonuspoints
Through to the eight-final 5 punten
Through to the quarter-final 10 punten
Through to the semi-final 25 punten
Through to the final 50 punten
Winner of the championship 100 punten

Bonuspoints for the number of cards:

Cards Bonuspoints
Total number of yellow cards 25 points
Total number of red cards 25 points
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